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This QR code links to the Reddit inspirtation page. I am a fan of Reddit and wanted to use a website that corresponds with the theme of my blog. Enjoy!


Keep Calm

keep calm

Since my blog is an inspirational/motivational blog, I had a few types of memes that I could chose from that related to my theme. The first was demotivational memes that look like the motivational posters with the black outline, a picture, a large one or two word caption followed by a quote- you know, the ones that you’ve all probably seen hanging in your high school guidance counselor’s office. Even though some of them are pretty funny, its the complete opposite of what im trying to promote- so I crossed those off the list. Then, there was Motivational Mike- a guy sitting in a chair outside in the nighttime with no shirt on and sunglasses with some ridiculous motivational quote- but they were intended to be funny and I didnt really think they were and I dont think they were a very successful meme because I never heard of them and KnowYourMeme only had 2 of them.

So, I decided to chose a form of the propoganda parody of “keep calm and carry on.” We are all aware of this meme and im sure seen about 371897421 versions of it. It relates directly to my blog because the original “Keep Calm and Carry On” is an inspirational message. KnowYourMeme gave a background of this quote which I found pretty interesting. This was a propoganda poster that appeared during World War II to strengthen the British morale. It also related with my blog because it says “Keep Calm and BLOG on”! I don’t think I could have found a more appropriate meme for my blog!

I also like this meme because there are so many different versions of it that we can find one that we can specifically relate to, and if we can’t, then we can easily make one that does.

Creative Commons

When I searched “inspiration” on the creative commons website using Google I got pictures of cruise ships, nature landscapes, a bunch of pictures of some random girl dancing in a field, a lot of people on bikes and some other useless nonsense. There were only about four photos that actually pertained to what I was looking for, and I didn’t like any of them. (I’m really picky.) I guess I should have expected there to be much less of a selection, but these pictures sucked. I changed my search to motivation pictures and found these three pictures. I used Pixlr to put the three images together and alter the coloring a bit. Maybe this will inspire some of you guys to go on a run (or walk) in this nice weather 🙂

motivation collage

According to the Fair Use Checklist, I can post these photos because:
– Comment
– Important to favored educational objectives
– small quanity
– No significant effect on the market or Reasonably available licensing mechanism potential market for copyrighted work

These pictures are being used for educational purposes and will not make any sort of profit. I am commenting on the fact that these are inspirational pictures that match the theme of my blog. I am only posting it once, so it is being redistributed in a small quantity.


Pay it forward!


Hey everyone!
My goal of this blog is to help people stay motivated when times are rough by sharing moving stories and quotes. I would love for you all to be a part of the movement and help spread the inspiration! I want to share these touching stories with as many people as possible, and you can help! What’s more rewarding than brightening someone’s day? It’s easy, all it takes is a click of a button. Feel free to reblog my video and picture posts, share them on twitter or share them on Facebook. Support me, support your friends and spread the loveee! If you know someone who could use some inspiration, refer them to my blog!
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Thanks everyone!

Never give up !

This is a shout out to all my fellow classmates who may be struggling with finishing up all your blog posts or any other midterm stuff you got going on. I have to say, these past two weeks have been the most stressful midterm week of my Rutgers undergraduate student career. 1 project, 1 paper and 1 test down, 2 papers and another test right after spring break to go. But all this hard work, time, and money spent on college will be worth it one day.. Right..?

Here’s a website I found of 50 ways to destress during midterms! If only I had time to do all these 50 things.


My favorite is number 21. Snuggling with my dog is probably one of my top favorite activities. Its basically how I deal with all my problems. Besides going to Miami over spring break, I can’t wait to beable to see my puppy everyday. Meet my best friend Rambo:


And of course, number 26 is pretty great two. I can never turn down chocolate.

Well, good luck to everyone who is still finishing up midterms and have a great spring break!


Creating this screencast was fun and easy! Jing is a really great tool to use, especially because it is so simple. It took me a few times to record the screencast because I kept messing up my words and studdering alot, so I decided to write down a few notes on what I wanted to say. That helped me get my thoughts together and make it through the whole 2 minutes without messing up.

I found this blog by searching Google for designing blogs. When I saw this particular blog, I remembered that my web authoring professor from last year used this same blog as a good example of web design, and I completely agree.

Screencasts are extremely helpful when making tutorials (Im sure most of you can agree, considering some people needed to watch some for this class). This can also can come in handy in the virtual work force. Since working from home is becoming more common, screencasting can be used by companies to teach employees how to use the latest software without needing to be in the same physical location. When watching a screencast, its extremely easy to learn how to do something because you are watching it be done, step by step, and you can easily follow along. This is a great teaching tool.

Here it is: